Angelina DeWeese | NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR MIRROR, OKAY? (Day 10 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)
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NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR MIRROR, OKAY? (Day 10 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR MIRROR, OKAY? (Day 10 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)


One thing I’ve taught for years is that we attract certain people into our lives to teach us certain things. I still believe that 100%.

But there’s another concept that seems to fit closely with this that can be dangerous: that we manifest people because they are, on some level, a reflection of ourselves.

💥Let me be clear, not EVERYONE is your mirror.

Just because you brought a selfish control freak into your reality; it does not mean that they are mirroring your inner selfish control freak. It just might mean that they are a selfish control freak. And you’re not. And the only thing you need to work on is how to deal with them.

Now hear me out, since on a spiritual cosmic level we are all “one”, then everything is indeed a reflection of everything else.

And maybe in some dark shadowy bits, you may have a tiny part of yourself that is a selfish control freak, but don’t spend too much time searching for it.

Searching for your shadow IS very spiritually responsible and and so it’s cool to take a glance on your side of the street — however don’t look so hard that you take that shred of evidence and turn it into a case against yourself. (which is what way too many people do)

Sometimes people are just selfish control freaks, not bad or good, simply part of their karma and journey.

They might come into our lives not so that we can hear our own faults echoing back at us, but to get us to face the fact that for a number of years, we’ve had a bizarre agreement that it’s somehow our job to fix other people.

Instead it’s an opportunity to burn old contracts, face the situations in a new way that grows you. It’s often an opportunity for you to practice reclaiming your own power which would also benefit the other person’s growth as well.

How about looking in the mirror and reclaiming the power staring back at you?

When remembering your fierce heart you must be reflective AND YET ALSO don’t forget about your own power and wholeness. You are literally amazing!

As always I’d love to hear about how this message lands for you, let me know!

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