Angelina DeWeese | HOW TO HOLD A HIGH VIBE PERSPECTIVE (Day 11 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)
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HOW TO HOLD A HIGH VIBE PERSPECTIVE (Day 11 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

HOW TO HOLD A HIGH VIBE PERSPECTIVE (Day 11 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

Day 11 – How to Hold a High Vibe Perspective

A fierce heart is the opposite of a fearful heart.

Life can be tough! I know that first hand.

Which is why it’s important that we learn to be tougher.

When I say tougher I don’t mean harder, heartless, closed off, or un-phase-able.

Those are not particularly healthy forms of power, although sometimes they can come in handy.

I simply mean that we learn to have emotional fortitude and hold the highest vibrational perspective that we can when tough things happen.

Hear me out, some of you may turn off at the word “vibe” and I get it. I used to dislike the word myself, however I’ve come to believe that when we go back to basic science we are all indeed energy and matter.

Matter vibrates at certain frequency and so when we are able to hold a higher vibration (vibe) perspectives of acceptance, reason, love, joy, and peace THEN we can stay in our fierce hearts and experience extraordinary outcomes.

Let’s say you get bad news;

~You get into a nasty argument with someone.
~The person that you thought would work with you suddenly backs out and rent/mortgage is due.
~You experience a death.
~You experience a huge financial setback.
~You experience and divorce or breakup.
~A project that you are working on flops.
~And so on….

How does a fierce heart respond to these things? First off they have ALL the emotions. You can’t sugar coat life. You can’t pretend like you are not hurt, angry, sad, morning etc.

After FEELING IT ALL, you begin at some point (and some things take longer than others) come to a higher perspective.

Check out the chart by Dr. David Hawkins on what he calls, The “Levels of Consciousness” get a better sense of that I am talking about.

~~~~~Most often things are not simply what they seem. Tough situations are not God’s way of punishing us or necessarily showing you that you are off track.

They might just be ways to show you how strong you are, or what can evolve when you let go of your judgement, blame, and respond with love and kindness.

Recently Jeremy and I had a somewhat shocking event happen to us (we can not yet share publicly ) but let’s just say it was a shake up in our lives and has tested us.

We’ve shared with a few close friends and what I’ve heard most is, “Wow, you sound so good and peaceful.” And we are. All is well.

Thankfully, at this point in our careers as entrepreneurs we’ve been tested to have emotional fortitude and to trust in the everything is happening FOR us not to us, even the most difficult of circumstances.

I realized this week as many synchronicities have occurred for us after this unexpected event, that it’s because we’ve stayed in acceptance, love, and reason.

This perspective is not second nature for humans – It’s a muscle that has to be exercised or it won’t be very strong. It’s what I bring to my private client sessions – I support them each call to see their lives from a higher perspective, and after a while they too begin to learn to flex this muscle.

My question to you;

What’s happening in your life that could use an elevated perspective of acceptance, love, and reason? I’d love to hear, send me a message!  Sending love to all who are dealing with some hard things right now!

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