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The Fierce Heart Gathering In Carmel Valley, CA (Photoshoot with Jeremy is included in this experience)

I live in a dreamy part of the US. This area sort of chose me as before moving here I’d never visited. My husband (who always follows is intuition above all else) decided we should move from St. Louis, MO to Carmel, California in 2012. 

I did not know at the time, but it was exactly what I needed. Gorgeous beauty. Lots of outside time. Hiking. Slow paced life. Did I mention beauty? It’s like a bird’s nest for the soul. 

I’ve led a handful of retreats here, but never in our home. This year feels different, we are pulling back the curtains and coming together as a gathering of powerful souls who want to expand their fierce hearts, and step into their dreams for 2020 while, letting go of what no longer serves. 

There’s really nothing like being in a “new” breathtakingly beautiful location with big-hearted people. Gathering for support, clarity, and empowerment. Imagine a sort of 3 day party with friends learning about things that are deeply transformative in the comfort of our home.

We are inviting 5-6 people into an intimate experience with us in our home. We will gather in late January during the new moon, a time of potent creation and manifestation. The dates will be January 22-25, 2020. (If these dates do not work for you, we also have another date planned of February 26-29, 2020.) 

In numerology January is a 5 month (time of change and growth) and 2020 is a 4 year (a time of creating structures and solid foundations for the future).

We will be combining BOTH of those things so that you are not only going to do some growing AND you will also have a photoshoot that will capture this 2020 version of you to being using in your business growth, and feel ready when you go back home to be in action!

The schedule we are creating is more centered around FLOW than force. We will be evaluating the needs of each person who attends and flex around those needs. There’s not a lot of content or handouts. This is a conversation for remembering our fierce hearts, getting clear about our desires, and creating clarity for how to best stay in your heart while taking bold actions on your dreams. 

Here’s a sense of the outline;

January 22nd. Opening Circle + Connection Gathering at 6pm. Begin to create a sense of Trust, Safety and a “remembering” of who we are, connecting to our hearts, and connected to one another. Snacks will be served.

January 23rd. Gather at 9am. Optional chakra meditation + Symphony of Cells treatment in am. Sit in a Fierce Heart Gathering Circle from 9-12. The web of connection will be strengthened as we begin to open our hearts wider and wider. A light vegan lunch will be served before we depart for The Refuge, Carmel’s best spot for delicious relaxation where we will enjoy Steam Saunas and hot/cold baths, in silence. This opportunity will allow us to be alone with our thoughts. We have found this to be the best way to access what is there for each of us, and let it rise to the surface, still being held in a container of safety and expansion. After the spa, we will return to our home for dinner and return to the Fierce Heart GatheringCircle to express what has come up for each of us.







January 24th. Gather at 9am, to move our bodies to a led Yoga experience in our back yard, overlooking a 1200ft deep serene valley. From here, we gather again in the circle to discuss creating a foundation and structure for allowing in what we each deeply desire. You will start 2020 feeling fully aligned with your soul. You will learn how to stay strong in your beliefs by allowing in your intuitive powers. It’s a day of breaking out of old ideals and identities into the one your heart truly wants, along with simple next steps on how to work towards that vision.

In the evening, we will dance and gather to support each other around wardrobe decisions for the next days photo shoot. You will get a chance to strut your stuff on the runway (in the living room) in front of loving and enthusiastically supportive new friends. A vegan lunch will be served. In the evening, we will have a pizza party served directly from our wood-fired oven!


January 25th. Photo Shoot day. We will assign shoot times after the group has been formed. Lunch will be served. We will complete photo shoots by 5pm, and gather for a closing circle. If you choose, we will coordinate a group dinner somewhere in town to celebrate how far we have all come in this co-creation of our soul’s desires. Dinner is your responsibility and is optional. Photoshoots will be approx 1-1.5 hour long per person. An amazing hair and makeup stylist will be provided and of course we will support you on clothing choices and make sure you are feeling free in yourself. Carmel is a gorgeous backdrop and provides both city, beach, and gorgeous nature.

Check out what it’s like to be photographed by Jeremy, here’s his website gallery. He’s more than a photographer. He’s a space holder who uses his photography to create transformational experiences. Expect to feel different afterwards!

Included in the retreat is a pre-call with both Angelina and Jeremy. On this call we will explore and identify what your personal desires and struggles are. Jeremy will support your vision for the photoshoot, clothing choices, and explore your hearts desires. After the retreat we will also provide follow up coaching 2 1-1.5 hour calls to ensure that you are feeling on track, supported, and integrating the experience into your daily life.

You’d fly San Jose or San Fran. Both are a quick 1.30 bus ride. This time of year is low cost for hotel rooms and/or renting a car. If you choose to stay in our home we can arrange to pick you up and so you would not need a rental car unless desired. We will also connect participants for potential room sharing to keep costs down.

Holiday Offer – Secure your spot for $300 before Jan 1st.

Investment for the retreat + partial meals + spa outing + photoshoot and stylist = $2000.

We are open to payment plans. We want this to be a YES for you and then we can work out the other details!

*There is also an option to stay in our home which we can discuss.

Click here to schedule a chat with us. We’d love to answer your questions and see if it’s a fit!