Angelina DeWeese | Work With Me
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Work With Me

I offer a variety of options to meet you exactly where you are to help you. Let’s hop on the call for a discovery call so that I can learn more about you and help suggest the best fit for your goals.

Here are the different ways that we can work together:

Private Coaching

If you are looking for the highest level of personal support as you shift to the next level, the private coaching is the best option. If you want a coach who will tell you the truth, breakthrough the doubts and help you see the next steps. I’m great at seeing just what’s in the way, creating systems, and and breathing clarity into your dreams. In the past I’ve had a set fee for private clients, but last year I started to muscle test to find the right investment and length for each person. Programs ranges from 2-4 months depending on the person and their goals.

Schedule a VIP Day   

5+  hours jamming with me about life and biz strategy!  VIP Days are one of my favorite things to do because just like diamonds are created under pressure..clarity comes under pressure too. Our quick timeline helps to give us an edge, to let go of over-thinking and map out a kick-ass plan for your biz. We do pre-work, set a 4-hour zoom call, and then jam, then check in a couple weeks later. This is best for someone who wants to get right to business and make a master plan. This is offered over the phone or in my home in Carmel, CA.

The 6-week Online Illuminated Path Online Program  

A program to teach you about your soul’s gifts, savvy superpowers, and life’s purpose. The 6-week program is for you if you are open to learning more about the path that’s already been laid out for you, your clients, and team. This knowledge will help guide you to more ease and a deeper understanding of your leadership gifts. 

(Coming Fall 2019)

Year Long Luminous Leaders Mastery Program — next program begins in 2020. Sign up to get notified here.

It’s best to hop on a call together so that I can learn more about you, your goals, and discover what level of support would be best for you.