Angelina Deweese | Work With Me
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Clarifying your soul’s dream work is so exciting and totally overwhelming.

That’s totally normal. (And totally avoidable.)

Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur, I offer a variety of options to meet you exactly where you are to help you get things cleared up.  (I like to think of it as being your soul purpose “midwife”, because I help you “birth” your message and step fully into your purpose.) Sometimes it’s right under your nose and you need someone else to help you see it, that someone is me!  Here are the different ways that I you can work with me:
  • Discover Your Unique Gifts, Savvy Superpowers, and Soul's Purpose

    A 6-week online group program. If you are looking for a shot of clarity and a clear action plan for your business that you can implement on your own, the 6-week program is for you.

  • The Discover. Create. Inspire. Intensive

    A 3-hour VIP day with me. If you'd like more support and accountability as you shift to the next level in your business, the 3 hour VIP day is the perfect recipe for clarity.

  • The Discover. Create. Inspire. One-on-One

    A 3-month transformational journey. If you are looking for the highest level of personal support as you shift to the next level, the private coaching is the best option.