Angelina DeWeese | About Angelina
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About Angelina

Hello Dear One, 

I guide women to connect with and follow their Soul Path™ so that they find their truest soul’s purpose, voice, and create a business that they love using their soul gifts. 

When you follow your soul you stand out. Your soul calls to their soul and divine perfection is created. 

After thousands of hours of coaching others, years of doing my own personal work, the absolute hardest part of my own journey has been opening my heart (and keeping it open) to deep love, and intimacy and trusting my self.


I made a life at being a powerful independent female entrepreneur. My guiding motivations were certainty and significance. My husband and close family would often come last. Constantly emptying into my fulfilling work I had nothing left to give those closest to me, and my dark secret was that my marriage felt hard.


Stillness was impossible.

Creativity was dry.

Pushing was constant.

Flow was foreign.

My soul was sold out.

And then what felt like all of the sudden, the pushing no longer felt good, the planning felt suffocating, and my relationship to the man I love most was hanging on by his thread.


I saw women who seemed to live in trust, who were sensual, free, alive, and lead by their own unique soul knowing. I felt envious. These same women lit a spark in me, to learn how to step into my own divine feminine essence, like they had. I wanted to become a better woman for myself, my husband, and my family.

After a life of planning, massive to-do lists, taking tons of online programs, and working to control pretty much EVERYTHING — learning to surrender, let go, trust, lead from intuition, embrace my sensual side, and cultivate a deeply nourishing relationship with myself and my beloved was NOT second nature.

I’m now in a new place. While I’m not perfect, I can now see the bigger picture of what as women must learn, cultivate, and practice so that we can live a balanced relationship with our feminine and masculine, to reconnect to our soul’s, and to lead our businesses to a new place of helping to heal the planet and each other.


I am now living in ways that I used to only dream of. The journey I’ve taken to get here has been worth it all.

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