Angelina DeWeese | FIERCELY KIND YET POWERFUL (Day 8 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)
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FIERCELY KIND YET POWERFUL (Day 8 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

FIERCELY KIND YET POWERFUL (Day 8 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)


What if you start being more bold, sharing your fierce heart and then you loose followers, upset a family member, or attract people who want to tame your voice?

Then what? I believe that you can can be both kind and powerful.

It was no coincidence that the day I sent out an impassioned email inviting my community to join this Fierce Heart series that I got an email response from someone who expressed her opinion about me using the ‘F’ word in my email. ** I got NO emails saying thank you, great email – and one email that could have stopped me in my tracks. (BTW, I don’t expect thank you emails – I am simply using it as an example of why not to listen to the haters)

It’s when we step out in authentic ways that we tend to get the opportunity to come up against our fears and face them.

It’s an opportunity to choose to honor our choice and claim our sovereignty AND AT THE same time take another’s opinion into consideration – all while standing in love.

As leaders we don’t need to resort to blame, shame, resentment, or anger.

Being Fierce does not mean being righteous.

What to do when someone does not agree or like what you are doing:

🙏Simply hear another’s concern. Take a few seconds in their shoes.

🙏Check in to see what emotions you feel (initially you will probably feel lower vibration emotions of hurt, anger, shame, guilt). Feel them, but don’t let it be where you react from.

🙏Close your eyes, connect with your heart, and ask yourself your truest intention.

🙏Did you act in alignment with your own personal integrity, with your beliefs, and biggest commitments.

🙏Choose to share your heart in love and power with the other. (optional – say nothing if that feels right for you).

🙏Avoid saying SORRY for being you. Yet, I do think it’s wise to be humble and be sure you followed step #1.

🙏Let it go. We are all on our own paths. Often these experiences come to serve us and make us stronger.

Check out the pics to read the email that was sent to me and my response.


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