Angelina DeWeese | YOUR HEART IS THE ACCESS (Day 1 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)
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YOUR HEART IS THE ACCESS (Day 1 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

YOUR HEART IS THE ACCESS (Day 1 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

How do we find strength, courage, and wisdom in any moment? 

How do we live with a fierce yet open heart?

Day 1: Your Heart is your access to higher states of consciousness. 

Today I want to start with explaining why you may have *felt your heart* so much more over this last year and why your heart may be shifting what is important to it.

We all know that we are ushering in a new decade in 20 days, but some of us are not consciously aware that we’ve been ushering in a whole new level consciousness for the past couple of years – one that connects us to our hearts.

What exactly do I mean by “level of consciousness” and how does this relate to your heart?  Just like we have different dimensions in this Universe, we also have different dimensional states of consciousness. These dimensions available to us on Earth are referred to as  3D, 4D and 5D.

In each level of consciousness we are either connected, disconnected, or living from our hearts – and as we’ve been upgrading we’ve all been feeling our deepest emotions and hearts all the more. Let me explain the 3 levels of earthy consciousness.

The 3D State of Consciousness

Living in a 3D state means that you see the world in a physical way. It’s when we live in this state we mainly using our five senses and see the thoughts as not important. People in this state judge others and their own character through physical things such as their house, car, clothes you wear and there is a lot of worry placed on money and having enough. In this state life is a competition where there are winners and losers. When in the 3D state there is no desire to understand the deeper meanings of live or achieve a higher level of spirituality. The material world is the real world.

In this state one may forget about their heart.

The 4D State of Consciousness

This is described as a ‘gateway’ to the next level of consciousness – the 5D state. Those who live in this state are far more aware that there is something ‘out there’ and that we should all connect with each other. They rely more on their thoughts and dreams than their five senses and believe that there is more to life than we can physically see.

People who live in this state know that what they put into their bodies is important and tend to lead a healthier lifestyle. They are compassionate and find it easy to show empathy to others.

They believe they are born with a purpose, are often associated with the environment and use their sixth sense to full advantage. They want to know what the universe has to offer and believe that we are all here for a reason.

In this state one is activating their hearts, getting to know what it desires, and beginning to let it lead more often. They may be shifting in and out of 3D and 4D.

The 5D State of Consciousness

Those who have attained the 5D state know that we are all connected and there is no such thing as good or bad, just experiences that we should learn and grow from. Everyone has a higher purpose and these people can easily see the bigger picture, which is that the universe is all about love and connectedness.  There is a higher purpose for all things and every experience holds meaning.

We are all equal and personal wealth is immaterial. Your job is to live your true life as authentically with joy as you can and you feel a deep connection with Mother Nature and the stars. You have a very strong sense of intuition and believe in astral beings such as angels.

Love and compassion reign supreme and there is a lack of judgment. You understand that everyone is just on their own journey.

In this state one is living from their high heart. Once you reach a 5D state of consciousness, it is very difficult to go back to a 3D state.

***It is important to remember that these states of consciousness are not “better” or “worse” than the other. Every soul on this Earth has their own journey to walk and their own reasons for choosing which dimensional state to live from.

On this first day of us remembering our fierce hearts —

Ask yourself, what state am I living in (most of the time) and what state am I shifting into this year? 

Your heart matters. In fact it’s your access to higher states of consciousness.

I hope this gives you some new perspective on what you’ve been going through this past year and why your heart is so important stay connected to.

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