Angelina DeWeese | WHO THE FUCK AM I REALLY?
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June is a 9 universal month in numerology. A time for endings, letting go, and the dissolving death of the things that no longer give you joy so that you can prepare for your rebirth in July.

My question to you today is: Who do you want to be in the next 9 months? July starts a month of NEW BEGINNINGS, and so you get the opportunity to ask who do I want to become? (not that you are not perfect as you are – it’s a question of growth).

Do yourself a favor, don’t just answer with your automatic answer, that’s not going to cut it. Really dig, take time, and give yourself some time to do the deeper work. And to get you in the mood I am going to share a very private story with you and extend an invitation to a live call where I can lead you step-by-step.

” Dearest Self, Who The #uck Am I?”

And said another way, Who Am I? What brings me joy? What do I want?

It’s an age old question that’s often harder to answer than we might at first expect. For the last 12 years of my coaching career I have witnessed that this question leads most people to become confused and answer this question with the answer of what they want to accomplish – NOT who they are or what they stand for.

For so many years I thought I knew who “I” was. And then all of the sudden about 3 years ago I realized that who I’d come to be was very fixed and came from a deep desire to feel significant, worthy, and doing things that would get me accolades from others.

Since then I’ve unraveled this pattern and have learned how to shift away from caring what people think, doing things to earn a certain amount of money, controlling/forcing the outcome, doing things to “keep the peace”, or to get a certain outcome, or to do what I was “supposed” to do.

The things that have helped me shift from caring what others think into a deeply profound relationship to myself have been:

-working with a master coach, Liyana Silver, who specializes in getting in touch with your feminine,
-past-life regression & theta healing sessions
-going to Burning Man each year for the past 4 years
-working with an evolutionary astrologer,
-past/present lifetime limiting belief clearings
-getting my white belt in NIA (a form of dance),
-some big life changes that tested my new way of being
-plant medicine journeys with various shaman’s

Each person & experience helped me to sink deeper and deeper into trusting myself, seeing how and why my pattern of survival, force, control was put into place as a form of protection.

Of all of them the most surprising was what I experienced and learned in many of my plant medicine ceremonies.

In March of 2017 I did something that I’ve never imagined I would do, a very powerful planted called Ayahuasca. I had been getting increasingly interested in plant medicine ceremonies, learning about the power of micro-dosing used for enhancing creativity and flow and had heard from a few friends how powerful this “Mother” plant was, so a friend of mine set up a private ceremony with my closest tribe in my home. You can read more about what Ayahuasca is here. 

During the ceremony, after drinking the brew, I chanted silently to myself;

“I’m in devotion to you great mother. Please show me the greatest source of my suffering. Please remove it from my life so that I can be of the highest service to the world.”

Looking back, I might have changed my words because ever since, my life has NOT been the same. Many of my closest friendships started to almost immediately dissolve, including my relationship to the person renting us her house, causing us to move, and my then current business partnership came to an unexpected halt.

She showed me with great detail that the greatest source of my suffering was my inability to be present. I will share more of this later. I’ve spent the greater part of the last year unraveling what it means an so much has shifted in my life. I am now more present than ever with my family, myself, and I live moment to moment, no longer planning my life out.

*Please note. I do not recommend this for a novice, nor do I think you must do this. It was a personal choice and one that has greatly changed and challenged me in difficult yet worthwhile ways. If you have any questions about plant medicines please feel free to reply or message me.

When your life falls apart (or seems to fall apart) you begin to question EVERYTHING. Which has led me to ask the question about a million times; Who am I?

Last week, I led a class for my Mastery Immersion Program participants called “Who the #uck am I?”  And it was so powerful that I wanted to extend an invitation for you to join me to go through the step-by-step process together.

Join me live on Monday June 17th at 11am PST
“Who the *uck am I really?”

Join Zoom Meeting

On the live call we will explore:

  • How to shift out of using your “animal instincts” and into a state of higher consciousness. 
  • How to get yourself in a relaxed state to-go deeper into your soul answers
  • What you really want? Who you want to become?
  • How things are going in each area of your life now.
  • And how to embody this new way of being & start taking the steps.

This call is for anyone! No matter what you’re profession all that is required is a willingness to take the time to learn more about who you are. 

Hit “Reply” and share your answer to this last question- I’d love to hear it!

If you are feeling at a crossroads OR ready to say YES to a big dream in your heart and you want support & accountability, schedule a FREE 30-Min Discovery Session with me and we can explore it together.

As always please feel free to “contact me” to share your thoughts with me!