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Last Monday after dropping the kids off at school I saw a dead wild turkey in the middle of the road.

I’ve always wanted to stop to move dead animals off of the road out of respect, but I’ve always been too scared.

Scared that I’ll get rear ended.
Scared that someone will think I hit it.
If I’m honest the fear, (beyond my safety) has always been about what someone will think of me.

For the first time, at age 39, I finally listened to my own heart and stopped.

I picked up the turkey and moved her to the side of the road. She was still warm, soft, and her feathers gorgeous beautiful.
I said a prayer. I pet her, said thank you, and then drove home. It felt good and right.

I decided to devote my meditation practice that morning to her.
midway through I heard;

Maybe you should go back and get the turkey.
You’ve never seen a dead turkey on your street.
You’ve been studying about feathers and energy clearing with sacred feathers…maybe this turkey was a gift for you.
You could bless others in your community.
You could honor the turkey’s spirit instead of leaving him to rot.

NO WAYYY. Are you crazy I thought to myself? I am NOT going to turn into that crazy California feather gifting hippie. I am already weird enough.

NO, NO, NO! Absolutely NO!

I went on about my day, yet I kept getting distracted.

Google search
Turkey Spirit Animal
Is it ok to take a dead turkey from the side of the road?
How do you de-feather a wild turkey?
Is it OK to take a dead turkey home from the side of the road?

I watched you-tube videos, went on the California state site on bird regulations, and felt down right crazy obsessive the entire time. (this is a good sign that you are hearing the call to do something and you are scared.)

I called a couple friends to see what they thought (none answered).

It’s now 3:35pm and I have to pick up my son at the bus stop. I drive by the turkey and see a baby bobcat just a bit away. I’ve NEVER seen a baby bobcat on my street. This must be a sign I think.

I picked up Teddy. My heart beating as so many times before. I know I need to do something besides ignoring this inner knowing, which I’ve done for my entire life.

“Do you want to do something crazy with me Teddy?” “I need your courage.”

“Yeah mom!”

“There’s a dead turkey up the road and I want to take it home.”

“That sounds amazing mom!” Silent pause.

He then says, “Why exactly do you want to take a dead turkey home?”

“I’ve been studying about using sacred feathers to preform powerful energy clearings on homes and people. I’d rather honor the turkeys life by using the feathers to celebrate her life and beauty instead of letting her rot on the side of the road.” HE nods in agreement. I want to teach him to care for the earth and this is a good lesson.

We got to the turkey — and while it may sound like I’ve overcome my fear — this is the furthest thing from the truth.

I look around and see that we are in CLEAR VIEW of 4 homes. They could all see…

And even worse, Jeremy and I are hosting the annual block party at our house the coming weekend.

I can hear it now..

“Did you see the crazy woman in the white car who loaded the dead turkey in her trunk? WTF was she doing?”

I did not let imagined fear stop me.

Turkey in the trunk.
Drive home.

Turkey in the garage.
Close garage.

Go make pizzas at a Farmer’s market.

Jeremy was a bit worried when he saw the turkey in our garage later that night. Thankfully he supports me no matter what.

The next day after dropping the kids to school I took the turkey to the backyard, hung her up, blessed her, cleared her energy and asked if I could take the feathers.

It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I chose my soul’s knowing over what anyone else thinks. It’s been a theme lately in my life for myself and ALL of my clients.

Not only did I feel reconnected with my childhood of growing up on a 1,500 acre farm. But I was connected to my the wild woman. the medicine woman inside of me who beats to her own drum.

I can promise you this. The traditions who cared deeply for the animals and connected with their gifts. Their spiritually could not be bought in a store. They were deeply connected and I too feel reconnected to something unexplainable.

Whether or not you “agree” with my choice is not why I am sharing this personal story.

It’s a story of personal triumph.

An example of what it looks like to honor the soul whisper even if it goes against who you think you are.

This may be the only way we find out who we really are.


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