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In November last year I was feeling as if I was in the dark.

I’d been leading my year long Soul On Fire Mastery Program (now called The Luminous Leaders Mastery Program) and it was in the 11th month. So much was shifting for my participants. 

New ranks, new levels of happiness, greater fulfillment, trusting themselves, big shifts in their relationships.

Literally remarkable results and yet I was feeling SO unclear of so much personally.

2018 was a year of lots of big shifts for me. Letting go of what felt like my foundation. My biz. My home and 3 very close friendships.

Thankfully leading my Mastery group was my plumb line. The focus and container that I needed to keep evolving for the sake of others.

The most potent of all of my lessons last year was to learn how to truly BE PRESENT with my self and my life. How to let go of the known world of biz results, planning, strategizing, and surrender to the unknown. (a truly new and terrifying place for me)

I felt this deep desire to know, to make a master business plan and rock it, to create something, to be more vocal, to find a way be more helpful to more people and yet there was not doing any of those things.

Truth was as so much was shifting. I did not know what I wanted to stand for, use my voice for, or to create.

During this LONG time of what felt like an unraveling of sorts that must happen when one lets go of so many old ways to recreate new ways nature taught me something about divine timing. (actually it taught me so many things, but this one I want to share today).

I walked outside one morning in November and as I walked out to my meditation perch I saw these gorgeous tiger orchids had bloomed pretty much out of no where.

I fell to my knees and started to cry (which is not something that happens to me often). I was so deeply moved.  It felt as if they were speaking directly to me saying,

“Dear one. Don’t worry. You too will bloom. It takes time. You must keep nourishing the roots, gathering the strength. Because soon you too will be ready to be this beautiful and shine your light into the world. The darkness you feel is important because without it you won’t be able to hold all that comes from your unique beauty.”

Isn’t that comforting? We must take the time to nourish inward which means our attention will come off of the outward world that seems so real. When you nourish the roots, the outward fruits change!

Just a month before Jeremy DeWeese  had asked if we could dig up the ugly planter pots that just had a few green blades sticking out. I discouraged the idea as I at least enjoyed the greenery, but having no idea of what lies beneath the surface.

We often want to think that if we just dig up the old, get better at our post strategy, or inviting we too will bloom.

Sometimes it works, but most often it’s a strategy thinking that you can change the fruits of the tree without changing it’s roots and that never going to happen.

Be you. Take the time you need to be ready to bloom.