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This is an edge for me, to share my fully exposed self with you. To share ALL of myself with you. This photo (credit Jeremy DeWeese) is a metaphor for what it feels like to share myself on social media.

Often I feel inspired to post something, I scan through all of my family, friends, clients in my mind and think, “No that’s too much. That does not apply. No one will understand what the fu*k you are talking about.” And so I don’t.

I hide. I keep my clothes on and share nothing. This is NOT just on social media, this is also a metaphor for my my life. I share when I know people want to hear, and shut the fu*k up any other time.

So here it is, me stripping the illusions. Naked and no longer willing to keep it to myself. Life’s too important. You are too important, and we need each other to show up every damn day!

I watched a Ted Talk last month and the female anthropologist shared something that blew my mind.


I realized then that I could feel intimacy with many more people if I’d actually allow them to see the whole me.

Expect edgy conversations from me from now on. I’m sick of being diplomatic and politically correct to ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

I desire to talk about things that I feel the world at large is struggling with (and that I’ve struggled with) like surrender, feminine power, enough-ness, trust, and sexuality.

This year has made it crystal clear to me that SO many of us (including myself) have spent a lifetime working to be a “good girls” and making sure that people around us feel safe and loved. Not wanting to be too much.

While that’s a “nice idea”, it’s created an imbalance in the areas of self-worth, confidence, and trusting in ourselves.

Too many of us have been afraid of sharing our truth for fear of haters, offending others, or worse, being cut out by those we love.

So, here I am, in all my exposed glory.