Angelina DeWeese | #READY SET, COACH WITH ME!
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Meet a past power house client of mine,  Kierston Kirschbaum of & .

​​​​​​​She’s a badass network marketing leader who has learned to take massive action. She’s a mom of 4, a woman of faith, and has built a network marketing empire. She has dreams that feel impossible, yet one of her secret weapons to breaking through to the next level of her dreams, always is this…SHE HIRES PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP HER GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF WHERE SHE WANTS TO GO!

Are YOU Ready for MORE?

Are you craving more of something? More customers, more impact, more growth.

I want to help you! #hireme #yourpowerhousepartner

I’m really good at breaking down big visions into small daily steps. I’m genius at mapping things out plans, biz systems, and programs. I can quickly help you clear out obstacles and inner fears. I have spent 1,000’s of hours on the phone and can recognize patterns quickly.  I’ve added a pic of my top 5 strengths below to give you a sense.

I don’t want you to do it alone! If you knew you’d succeed at your goals, wouldn’t you want support?

Here’s all of the ways that I am working with clients right now:

#1 — Private Coaching with Me — I work with clients who are READY.  They want a coach who will tell them the truth, help them breakthrough the doubts and clearly see the next steps. They want someone who has masterful skills on seeing just what’s in the way, and someone to breath positivity, systems, and clarity into their dreams. In the past I’ve had a set fee for private clients, but last year I started to muscle test to find the right price for each person. Programs ranges from 2-4 months depending on the person and their goals.

#2 — Schedule a VIP Day with Me —  5+  hours jamming with me about life and biz strategy!  VIP Days are one of my favorite things to do because just like diamonds are created under pressure..clarity comes under pressure too. Our quick timeline helps to give us an edge, to let go of over-thinking and map out a kick-ass plan for your biz. We do pre-work, set a 4-hour zoom call, and then jam, then check in a couple weeks later. This is best for someone who wants to get right to business and make a master plan.

#3 — Group Activation Sessions  — 
3 people per group. 1 hour a week. Weekly clarity and action taking assignments. laser coaching goal to activate you. This is not an informational session, there is little content, but rather it’s coaching to help you move forward week to week.   Groups are assigned by time zone and business stats. You will be placed in a group with peeps close to where you are so that the groups goals are similar (newbie or mid-level).

#4 — Team Coaching — If you have a team that needs some specific mindset training or needs an injection of inspiration, let’s talk about how I can support you.

If you’d like to talk more any of these options, schedule a 30-min Connection and Discovery Call with me. I can’t wait!