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I’m prepping for a new VIP client today. I love VIP Days because of the magical way my clients and I can accomplish SO much in such a short period of time.

My favorite VIP Day clients are entrepreneurs, coaches, and network marketers. It does not matter to me what you are teaching as long as you have a big vision, want help putting it all into words and a simple action plan.

I bring my ability to see the greatest version of you and help you use my ability to express what you are wanting to share in a way that others can understand and want to buy.

Comment below or PM me if you are interested. This month only I have a sweet deal for 2 amazing peeps.

A VIP Day is 3-4 hours on a video chat. We both prep and then hop on a video chat an get shiz done ?

⭐Clarifying Brand Message, Value, Feelings you’d like to create with your brand

⭐Clarifying what culture, mission, overarching promise you are inviting your leaders, customers, and business partners to join into

⭐Clarifying how many new leaders/customers you are looking to on board in what amount of time and creating a plan of action (ensuring that it’s a realistic number as well)

⭐Gaining Clarity on an Opt in and laying out the Opt in (outline)

⭐Talking about your strengths as a leader and where is best to put your time

⭐Depending on the brand we will most likely discuss creative ways to create more trust with potential customers (like e-books, facebook challenges)

⭐I’ll share my witchy side as well and forecast your next 6 months and share what I see about your soul’s path and current leadership lessons #soulseer

⭐ Because everyone is different here’s a few other things I’ve work shopped in a VIP Day. Creating a simple plan for training your team OR reigniting their spark, laying out a new program launch, writing website copy, a simple social media plan.

Who’s it going to be? I’m ready if you are.

#massiveclarity #redesignyourbrand #greateralignment#waymorecustomers #gobig #soulseer #youareaveryimportantperson#luminusleader