Angelina DeWeese | ON LETTING GO
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Of someone.

Of a home.

Of a part of yourself.

Of something you created.

Of a pet.

Of an expectation.


Sometimes we try to hold on a little too long.

We don’t feel ready.

Can you ever feel totally ready to let go?


It’s time to let go, my love.

It’s going to be ok.

There’s more where that came from.


But…why is it so hard to let go of things so dear to us?

Things that define us.

Things that are familiar.


This is a picture of the temple at Burning Man this year.

She was called Galaxia.

A place to pray, to remember, to release, and to heal.

A tribute to death, impermanence, and the phoenix rising from the ashes.


It takes lots of great minds, 1,000’s of hours to create, build, and almost everyone who goes to burning man spends some time in the temple before it gets burned down on the last day.


I won’t forget my tears as I walked in.

I felt the collective sadness, loss, and deep pain.

I won’t forget the memorials I saw of those who died.

The story I read from a rape survivor forgiving.

The musical thread that connects us all, the dust, and the way the light hit everyone and everything while in the temple.


I sat. I prayed.

I asked for strength to release all that does not serve my highest good.

To wash away the residual sadness, pain, and heartbreak of loss.

I prayed for others and wrote their stories and notes of release.


This moment is seared in my mind

and yet the physical structure is no longer.


My mind holds on.

Letting go is an art form of being present moment to moment for all that you feel.


I’m realizing in my own life that letting go

requires being fully present in the moment.

Not the past or the future.

Right NOW.


Certainty feels safe and control feels known.

But as I get more and more skilled at letting go what I realize that letting go is also one of the greatest causes aliveness, presence, potential, and may be the truest spirit of creation.


In order to let go of what was, we must ask, what wants to happen now?


Moment by moment letting go of what we knew.

Letting go of the past, the known, the familiar.

And stepping into the NOW.


Words by: Angelina DeWeese

Photograph of me by : Jeremy DeWeese

Photograph of the Temple: GBK Photos who creates the most gorgeous photographs of diversity and beauty. Check him out!

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