Angelina DeWeese | MY MANIFESTED AUDI Q7
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Last week I got an Audi Q7 and it happened in a way that floored me.

WARNING — this post is LONG, but I had to add all of the deets to give you the full sense of this story.

If you read my post yesterday you know that I recently dug up a huge limiting belief that I did not know that I had.

I kinda knew… but it started to become really clear to me when I had kids.

“My needs and desires don’t matter.”

Ugh. What? Who me? That can’t be true. I have needs?

After having kids I realized that my needs were last (as they should be when taking care of others, however I was so last that the order of importance was, my kids, my work, others needs, my husband, and then myself. It was def affecting my life at home more than anything.

It got so bad in my relationship (it was a constant complaint that I wanted to solve so I want to see Leah Rachelle Kendrick. After digging her, she’s an amazing theta healer and hypnotherapist, I sat in my chair and I could see ALL of the ways that I was not allowing myself to have desires.

I’ve lived my life having cool things just happen to me. I never really went for any crazy goals that I did not think I could achieve.

I have an amazing life — and yet most of it feels like it happened to me because my husband is really great at asking for what he wants.

I’d ask for a few things, but not what I really wanted for fear of being disappointed (or worse failing).

When doing dreaming exercises or future visions I’d always go kind of blank. Don’t get me wrong, I write things on my paper, but they were all achievable (or at least I knew very well what I’d have to do to get there.)

From time to time I’d share something outlandish like I want a new car, but then quickly say something like, “It will happen when the time is right.” Or I’d think of a kind of car that was the most functional choice.

Before this Audi we had a 2015 Toyota Sienna, a very functional and amazing car, and yet it never brought me joy…it was functional. Bland and grey.

About a month ago I started reading “You are a Bad A$$ with Money”, by Jen Sincero. The book is great and really got be dreaming bigger with what I want as far as money goes.

One of the exercises in the book is to dream up your most joyful expression of life, what would you want to do each day, what experiences, and literally add up how much that life would cost.

Jeremy DeWeese spent a couple afternoons dreaming and what you really have to know is that before this I HATED DREAM SESSIONS. I thought he was insane. He’s a huge visionary so he’d say things like we’d own a home in the south of France and I’d say, “Are you crazy, we don’t even own a home are you dreaming of one in the south of France?”

I was Debbie Downer for sure. And quickly, VERY quickly I’d change the subject or move to something achievable. Ugh, what a drag.

So I did my homework and dreamt up this delicious life of abundance and my version of wealth.

Pretty much getting to the conclusion that “I love money because it gives me freedom and options.”

In my vision I said I wanted an Audi Q7 among other things. I decided to see what would happen if I spent 20 minutes each day visualizing and feeling my future life. Within a week the first part of my list happened.

And then last week after having 2 days of solid self care and very little work, Jeremy and I went to get a blood test, and afterwards drove past the dealership.

He said, “Do you want to test drive one?”

I said, “No” almost immediately and then as the wise man that he is, he said,

“Would it bring you joy if you were not living in your fear or logic?”

I giggled, “Hell yes!”

So we took a look on the used lot (that Jeremy had already been eyeing for me after our dreaming session – such a sweet hubby). I took a test drive and then began to ask questions about how much they would give us for our trade in.

An important part of this story to fully make my point here is that we assumed that we’d lose money on our Toyota Lease because we’d scratched the side of it, the back hatch was broken, and we had a cute little mouse family that nested in our air filter. (oh and teddy tried to play tic tac toe in crayon on the ceiling) Yup it was full of problems.

As I’m standing there at the dealership, normally at this point I would have left because, “My desires and needs don’t matter.”

But I stayed. I said I’d really like to drive home with this car today if you can buy the Toyota and keep my payment close to where it is now.

I waited. They ran numbers, did credit check, all the while I did not go into fear or worry. I just stayed with my joy and desires. I felt good and calm about everything.

There was def some logical thoughts in my head about it being weird to get a new car given some of my circumstances…

– I just had to spend my savings for various reasons and have no immediate knowing of how I am going to replace it

-I had not worked the last two days and no new clients sessions scheduled

Logically it made no sense, but I am done with thinking logically and instead I’m stepping into the vision I see so clearly. The one that’s waiting for me if I’m brave enough to say yes to what I really want and believe that I can succeed at it. Which I now do at a whole new level!!

Some people would call this batshit crazy, but I call it being a servant to your dreams.

Suspend the fear. And step into your dreams

Some of you are thinking well good for you.You might think it’s crazy or why an Audi.

I am coming to think it’s just as crazy to think that my needs and desires don’t matter :/

I’m not about status or significance in my life. I don’t think I’m better because I have an Audi. It’s not for attention or status. I live from contribution and love. For me owning an Audi means a couple of things.

1. I feel amazing in it which raises my vibration each and every day.

2. I feel safe stepping into my personal desires the “just because I love looking at it”

3. 3 rows to drive my friends and friends kids around

4. I can show others that anyone can step into their dreams, but it takes balls because it won’t just happen to you.

POINT OF THIS LONG A$$ STORY: What FLOORED me the most was the fact that when the sales man brought the numbers back to show us the proposed payment.

They were not much more than what we were paying for the mommy van. Because I did not know how much a used Audi costs I would have NEVER test driven one. I thought it was totally out of my range — but come to find out my minivan was about the same price. Again this is what happens when we think we can’t have something and never check the actual price. LOL

Secondly, within the time that we were signing the papers I got a text from a person I did not know. She says ” I’m free tomorrow. Are you? I want to start training with you.”

So it confirms it.. when you are in your joy, your vibration is high, you are feeling abundant, and taking risks to follow your dreams — the universe rewards you.

So that’s my crazy long story. I’d love to hear about a time that you took a risk and got rewarded. Or even better what’s something that you really desire right now in your life, but think you can’t have…

And remember if you’ve been eyeing the year long Mastery Program that starts January and think you can’t have it, maybe you should fill out an application and talk to me first.

Crazier things could happen.