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How does the world communicate with you? I think it’s always communicating with us.

Do you believe in universal signs and messages or do you think it’s hogwash? Tell me in the comments below.

I’ve personally been watching for messages since I can remember, mostly because I did not trust myself. I wanted to know if I was on the right path and so I would look outside of myself to find the answers. Not necessary a bad thing. Most often it’s been helpful. Many times I’ve prayed for a sign and have been shown the way.

I can remember a couple of the most profound moments that caused me to believe that the world is communicating with me:

I was facing a crossroads that felt like heartbreaking death when living in New York I’d go to the beach and cry asking WHY ME? And white birds would fly close letting me know that I would eventually find peace.

I wanted to do a business training program that was $10,000 and I was unsure if it should move forward. I prayed and then 3 days later I got a letter in the mail saying that my credit card limit had been increased to $10,000 without me asking for it. I took it as a sign, registered for the program and thank God I did because it changed the direction of my life for the absolute best!

Lately lots of big changes have been happening in my life and so I have been questioning things. I’ve had LOTS of big decisions to make;

Business changes

Moving unexpectedly

Bella having teeth surgery

Lots of financial responsibility

Planning a trip for 10 people to Bali

and more…

I’ve been meditating more as a way to stop and listen, to gain clarity as to what I want and even as this has been so helpful…

I woke up wondering if I can really SHOW UP for all of these things that are awaiting me. I know it’s all good, but it’s LOTS of changes and it’s requiring more creative presence than ever before. I’ve been dreaming bigger and so that means I am being called to STEP UP bigger beyond what my logical mind thinks it can create and DO. (that takes some serious faith, which was waning this morning).

I was looking outside into the meditation garden and a hummingbird came right to my face and looked me in the eyes. Reminding me of the miracle of possibilities and joy that life is.

The message was — ” You can do it! I can fly sideways so you can do anything you dream! And you better get busy!”

So if you are questioning yourself today. Take a look at this bird, she’s telling you to get busy. Take bold actions. Today is a day for creation. Innovation. New ideas and dreams. Step in. Say Yes.