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Thank God for my diffuser loaded up with my new fav doTERRA essential oil, Citrus Bliss. It’s lightening the mood. I am sitting here in my funky pajama pants – feeling heavy. This week has been emotionally challenging. I think I may have been in a spiritual hazing for the past year, lol. Just when I think it’s going to lighten, I turn another corner.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the lessons that I have been learning this past week, that many of us have been learning. The ones that are downright sucky, hard, and could possibly lead you to thinking that it’s never going to get better.

Today’s blog will give you some understand of how to view your situation and teach you how to Lead With Your Heart, But Take Your Brain With You! 


The phrase that has been dancing in my mind all week,

“Do not measure your worth by your circumstances. Measure it only by the how you show up while in circumstances.”

Let me explain,   

May 2019 is an “8” universal month in numerology. It’s a month to evaluate everything and ask the questions,

Is this giving me power?
Is this taking away my power?
Is this contributing to my feelings of power or powerlessness?

Said another way we are coming face-to-face with our own personal dance between SPIRIT (divine connection, faith, intuition) and ACTION (taking action on what we want, especially when we are scared).

Should I do what I know – the secure path?
Should I go for the thing that I think I really want?

The number 8 as a symbol has two parts –  the top circle which represents spirit, and the bottom circle which represents the earth.

To truly feel powerful in your circumstances you must dance between both spirit and earth. In other words follow your heart, but don’t forget take your brain with you.

 I’ve seen many people over the years (including myself at times) spend more time meditating and hoping that what they want will either come to them, that the path will somehow become clearer, or they will begin taking action when X, Y, and Z are in order.

All the while they are thinking that their dreams are too far off instead of STARTING NOW to taking the small uncomfortable actions to go towards them inch by inch.  Even worse some are caught in the trap of viewing their current circumstances as the proof that their dreams will never happen. *I am of course generalizing big time here, but you get the point. 

One of my favorite quotes from a young balinese man who gave us a temple tour in Bali,

” There has to be a balance in all things. We would rather
​​​​​​​ pray all day but we know that praying will not feed our kids,
so we balance our work and our prayers.”

YES!  We cannot focus solely on prayers or meditation, because then there is an imbalance. We can not jump ship on a job the moment our heart says it’s done.

We cannot work 12 hours a day without any play or time for reflection because then there is an imbalance and no time to hear the heart. We cannot stay in the circumstances that we hate and do nothing about them.

If you are  head- down working hard there is little connection with your own deep desires, little connection to spirit, and hardly any ability to see the divine working in your life. This creates a narrow focus and so many of the best solutions & miracles are then missed.

Moments of connect with ourselves, spirit, and allow moments of connecting inward to listen to what your heart and spirit are whispering into your ear are important BUT not more important than taking actions on what you truly want.

True power comes when there is a balance between both SPIRT and EARTH.

And most often there is a BRIDGE that allows you to use your BRAIN (need for security) to get closer to what your heart really wants.

This month MAY you’ll want to stay aware of this perspective and ask the question,

“Are my circumstances showing me that I am out of balance in some way?”

Am I needing to take more actions on my hearts desire? Be bold. Do it scared.
Do I need to spend some time with my heart to ask it what’s most important so that I can shift this crap?

Reality Check:
Are you thinking about things MORE than taking action on them?
Are you working so hard and not listening to your deeper nudges?

One more important thing before I share some examples – I’ve shared in previous newsletters that for the past year the entire planet’s consciousness has been raising (there are many reasons for this – if you’d like to understand this more and hear the science, let me know) which is why so many people are re-evaluating many things in their lives.

The new consciousness is causing us to want different things  — like to create new business models that feel more aligned, implement ideas that have never been done before in order to move towards oneness. 

This means that there is NO model to follow.
You have to follow your own heart!
And make a plan that both honors you heart and your brain (security).

Let me give you an example:

I have a friend who is very connected to spirit. He listens, and he has created a very distinct path creating products to heal others, help them feel more connected to one another, and heal the earth.

He’s in debt and currently living in his dad’s basement. He’s brilliant. He’s heart driven. If you’d meet him you’d fall in love with his pure heart. He called me the other day questioning himself, “Should I get a job as a server, pay off debt, and then move out? I’m not really qualified for anything else?”

Let me pause for a second and tell you that this guy is amazing at so many things – but because his life’s path is very different from the norm (and his current circumstances suck) he’s questioning EVERYTHING.

The question that I asked him was this; “Will staying in the basement getting a job help you to feel more powerful? Or is there some other way to feel secure (pay off debt) and follow your heart? He said “Well I’d rather move to Santa Cruz, begin networking and get a job there, but I think it’s irresponsible to pay rent when I have debt.”

Remember his worth and contribution to healing others? He like all of us are at a crossroads, he could think little of himself because his life circumstances seem to suck. OR he could recognize that he’s right on the verge of success. He must choose power (take bold actions while also using his brain).

The products that he’s created LITERALLY have the
potential of a multi – million dollar business —

I asked him if he thought that he could get a part-time job in Santa Cruz, pay off debt, all while possibly meeting more creative people who understand his products and global vision? I heard a sign of relief (the heart was happy) and then his brain kicked in and said he was not sure.

The thing is if you are at a crossroads like this you are wanting to follow your heart — and yet you’ll have to do it in a way that gets your brain on board. Look with new eyes. And be sure that both your heart and your security are considered.

If you are feeling at a crossroads OR ready to say YES to a big dream in your heart and you want support & accountability, schedule a FREE 30-Min Discovery Session with me and we can explore it together.

As always please feel free to “contact me” to share your thoughts with me!