Angelina DeWeese | I’M JUST DOIN’ ME
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As I woke up today questioning a few things (who am I kidding, lots of things). I read this poem from one of my mentors Stacey Morgenstern, she’s a co-founder at The Health Coach Institute, an amazing health coaching school that I went to and then went on to become their  head coach for a handful of years. She’s always inspired me to just be me. <3 love and appreciate you stacey.

“I’m just doin’ me.” and “Does it bring me joy?” these words have been medicine to my soul over the years.

Joy helps me to find myself. Which then means I can just be me <3

(read out loud for best consumption)

I take pride
In being naive
That's how I tell La Vie
I'm open
To receive
But sometimes I contract, pull back, recede
Who am I to dare, who am I to succeed?
Will my good fortunes be perceived as greed?
Will my happiness be seen as conceit?
"Take leave from guilt," Life says
A little reprieve
To retrieve
The version of you
You are aching to be

Some will judge, criticize or blame
Take only what's yours,
Lay down the shame
Speak your truth, stand tall and claim
I'm just tryin' to find the real me
I'm just tryin' to find the real me

This moment
Filled with dreams and also regrets
What never got expressed
Broken hearts, broken pieces
Narratives that seize us
In doubt we bath
Suffering obligations from cradle to grave

Conditioned mistrust in the Mysteries
Mind controlling ideologies
Tell me who I'm supposed to be
But who am I if history--
I mean {his-story} of me
Doesn't fit with who I believe I'm meant to be
I'm just tryin' to find the real me
Not who society dictates is a good thing to be
I'm just tryin' to find the real me
I'm just tryin' to find the real me

In the silence Alignment
Comes at me lik'a lion
Hunts the hiding spot of my inner tyrant
Gnarled from years of
Oppressive, righteous bias
Don't need outside forces
Trained myself with self-bullying chastises
Expert in the art of subtracting worth by plussing my minuses
But today in the mirror, windows of the irises
I see the stories I tell
Spread like viruses
Grow walls into monoliths and Goliaths
Breed inner conflict that deepens division inside us
So I tell the brown-eyed woman staring at me
It doesn't matter who you've been, who do you want to be?

Over schisms and
From the ashes
I've risen
Choosing to
Follow my Truth
Even though others say it's forbidden
So I get silent and listen
Gently coaxing my atrophied intuition
"Please help me" I pray
To know the way
To break the chains
Rescind the vows I made, not to a man, but to shame
To guilt
To pain
Until no lies remain

I go insane sometimes
That's why I write rhymes
Sort through the lies separating me
From the Divine
Give up the myth that being Me is a crime
I don't wanna hurt nobody
I'm just tryin' to be
Some body good can't please everybody
I'm just tryin' to find the real me
I'm just tryin' to find the real me

Speaking up, not coming from fear is where my edge is
Hold my boundaries but love edgeless
I want to be that for me, her and him
To my kid I wanna give
Show her a good life is one that's LIVED

Dear daughter, listen to the whispers on the wind
That tell you when to end and where to begin
You can have everything you conceive of
Heaven is here not just with God above
Write your dreams down
Sing them out loud
Stay true to you as a sacred vow
Let go of other people’s opinions
Trust your vision
Love your reflection
Get to know your own predilections
Be kind, give generously
Know your boundaries
While loving unabashedly
Most importantly, stay curious and you will live victorious
Every moment is a choice to be furious or rejoice
From the dark underworld of pain and guilt there is a hoist
A single question many have been taught to shun or avoid
"Does this bring joy?”
This is your birthright to employ
May this question serve you as it has me at 43
When anyone questions you about being so happy and free
Smile knowingly and reply with glee
I'm just doin' me.
I'm just doin' me.

c. Stacey Morgenstern
Photo by In her Image.

I'm not a regular facebook sharer.
Often it feels like ego when I think of posting something and then I ask myself, "What's the truest reason that you want to share?" and if it's to get a result in my business, or to do it because I think I should. I've been choosing not to share lately.
Other times, like today, it feels like I'm called here. Not even sure why, but I trust that those who need it, will read it.
I like to be seen.
I like to have privacy.
I like to savor my moments.
Sometimes I am super busy.
I live to inspire others.
Sometimes I'd rather keep to myself.
Two weekends ago I led a retreat in my hometown, Carmel, CA. It was the first retreat of my yearlong mastermind mentorship program. People came from all over to meet for the first time, not knowing each other, but becoming soul connected through our time together.
It was deep, rich, soulful, slow moving, and connecting.
We dug into uncovering the very things that motivate them, determined how they could shift their focus this year to be in greater alignment with what their souls want, and learned powerful tools to listen to what's stirring in their hearts.
And at the end of the weekend we went to the coastline of Big Sur to my favorite beach, wrote our 2018 words in the sand and DECLARED who we are to the giant ocean.
On today's Blue Moon it's time to declare who you really are. Letting go of those lies that you've been telling yourself.
Be brave today.
Declare what you really want.
Declare who are.
Declare what you will let go of.
Declare what you stand for.
Declare that you are more than ready for whatever is calling you.
Dance in the magic of the moon to celebrate who you are.
All of your gifts, all of your triumphs, all of your history, all of your imperfections.
And do the rest of 2018 as the most authentic version of yourself that you can be.

I love you.

What a week. Holy crap. I’ve been over 25 hours of coaching calls this week with people who wanted support in gaining clarity on some aspect of their life.

It’s not my normal work week. I actually have not been on this kind of volume of coaching calls in years, but a few weeks ago my soul asked me to connect with more people and so I created an offer that made it really easy to book a session with me.

You know what’s interesting when I spend that much time listening to people’s minds and hearts is seeing clearly how much of what we believe about ourselves isn’t even true. We are way more amazing than we give ourselves credit for!!!

It’s time to burn up some of those beliefs that dim your light.

It’s time to question what you believe and ask if it’s really serving you to have a great life OR if it’s protecting you from potentially looking bad.

It’s time to clear your internal forest with fire so that you can plant new seeds.

What belief do you wish you could let go of?

What belief has served you at some point in your life, but now feels like handcuffs?

Post below….