Angelina DeWeese | HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL (especially when the stakes are high)
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HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL (especially when the stakes are high)

HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL (especially when the stakes are high)

Spiritual HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL (especially when the stakes are high)

Welcome to October, a new month full of new potential. 

September was a month of releasing A LOT of old baggage. Did you happen to notice all of the intense energy days? I sure did.

September is often one of the most potent months of the entire year for many people. In numerology it’s the only month of the year that holds what are known as “triple intensity days”. The 9th, 18th, and 27th of the month INTENSIFY your current life lessons and can feel particularly intense. Once you navigate through those days you are likely feel lighter and a sort of new energy in the month of October.

***For example you may have released: no longer fully aligned relationships, personal habits, intuitive hits you’ve be resisting for a while,  limiting beliefs, old identities that you have held for yourself or others, or karmic patterns (deep core wounds that are from this lifetime and past lifetimes).

If you like so many, released a ton of the OLD, you may be feeling a bit like the red bird below. Fragile, tender, a bit tattered, ready, and yet still day by day finding your way through the new. That’s what happens when birds MOLT, they have to get rid of the old to grow the new and it happens to happen more than any other season in the fall. 

If that’s you, then this week’s article is for you, “How To Listen To Your Soul When The Stakes Are High?”


There are times that you will get a soul whisper that you don’t want to answer. There will also be times that you keep yourself distracted to ignore the inner knowing. There will be times that you hear nothing at all, and just keep on trucking forward even though something feels off. 

As I’ve gotten more keen on hearing/listening to my soul, I’ve noticed that when things are new and the path is unclear, it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME to turn inward and listen if we want to pave a new path.  How could we move in a “new” direction if we follow the old behaviors?

NEW PATHS REQUIRE NEW CHOICES, and yet we can be hard wired to do the same things over and over again for fear of losing something that we value.

This week’s blog post, I am going to share why taking time to listen to your soul is absolutely important to your business (especially when the stakes are high), the simplest ways to turn your attention inward, and a few tools that you can use to become more connected to your soul wisdom. 

What do I mean when I say the “stakes are high”?

You are at a crossroads.

You are in need of making a hard choice, one that could change the course of your life and career (or at least it feels that way).

You want to change your behavior, but your default is way easier.

You want to change your career but don’t know what step to take next.

You need to pay bills and feel secure and yet you want to make choices in greater alignment with your soul (no longer just chasing the Benjamin’s ).

Whatever the case may be, often we are stuck in SURVIVAL (making sure that we have enough money, love, doing things from fear, overwhelm, and, worry of what others may think, etc.)

Yet the greatest answers, the ones that will change our lives and get us back into alignment with our greatest purpose are NOT found in SURVIVAL. They are found in the moments that you listen to the quiet whispers of your soul, your body wisdom, the part of you that is connected to GOD, infinite spirit, the intelligent field, whatever you choose call it.

I have found that as I tune into my soul – the times that I resist listening most is when I am fearful. It’s times that the stakes feel way too high to place my bet on something that I have NO history with, no logical understanding of, or past history of, when my soul is asking me to do something that I don’t think know how to do. The times that I’m making a giant decision and I don’t want to screw it up. When I am choosing to not go somewhere when I know it will disappoint others,. When I am on an unknown edge financially. When I’ve reached a new place in my business and I’m afraid of moving down the wrong path for fear of losing community members. When I am at the crossroads.

TRUTH is that THOSE are the times that it’s THE MOST important to tune in and listen up. If we want to follow our soul purpose in life, we will want to practice learning more about how to hear, trust, and listen to this part of ourselves (the part below the head).

OUR SOUL PATH IS NOT A STRAIGHT LINE AND IS NOT FOUND IN OUR MINDS. It’s not always the logical choice to follow your heart and soul, but the SOUL is connected to something infinitely greater than human understanding.

How can you “tune in” when the world is going so fast and we’ve been taught that the soul is  woo woo? Here are the top 4 ways that you can practice tuning in. When you do this I promise your life will change for the better. There will be less confusion, more of your true self  and this will filter into your business, relationships, and life choices. 

  1. Trust the inner voice. I’ve always had an inner voice, however I never trusted it.  When I’d ask, I’d sometimes get an answer, and then I’d second guess myself only to become stuck in a state of confusion. If you feel sort of connected to your inner voice, and yet you don’t yet trust these whispers, don’t worry that’s normal. Confusion is the mind’s way of keeping control. The good news is that there are tools that will help you connect deeper with your soul, come to trust your intuition, and to learn the difference between an ego whisper and a soul whisper. (the following are great tools, but first you have to allow yourself to not know.)


  2. Practice quieting your mind. This may be one of the most important aspects of soul work. You don’t have to go blank, just be able to sit quietly and practice focusing your mind on something. I personally use guided meditations. I find this easier than sitting in silence. I will create more blogs on this, but for now find some guided meditations 10-30 minutes and practice sitting, even if you resist it’s training this muscle. It’s great practice for creating a space that opens you up to hear, feel, and tune into the infinite field. The soul whispers come when there is an empty space, an opening, and often because we are so busy we train ourselves to keep going no matter what ignoring these inner nudges. To hear we must have a little more space to listen.

   3. Your body holds so much information. Your body holds so much wisdom and it’s a great tool to help you better understand your soul yes and soul no. In china when someone says “I have to think about it.” They point to their belly, not their head. It’s a gut check if you will. Many chiropractors study something called clinical kinesiology, it’s a way to use the patients muscles to tell if something strengthen the muscles, or makes them weaker. This gives a visible yes or no from the body. This form of detaching from the logical and checking to see what the body says helps us tune into the body wisdom. I teach clients how to muscle test when they are wanting to tune in and learn to trust themselves.  I’ve used this for years on myself and clients. I will post a video in the next couple days about how practice this. For now ask yourself what you want for dinner and instead of thinking about it, FEEL it. Do you feel anything in your body when you ask about broccoli verses a salad? See if you can find your body yes and body no. Tip: I feel a little more tension and tightness in my belly when something is a no and a sort of expansive energizing feeling when it’s a yes.

4. Use external tools like pendulums or oracle cards. Over the years in my year long mastermind programs I’ve given my participants a deck of oracle cards. Most of them felt strange and even concerned that they would not connect or find them useful, however I noticed EXACTLY the opposite. They would find themselves in a hard spot and pull a card – texting me to share just how spot on it was. All things are energy and so oracle cards can help us to connect to the infinite field and receive messages from our higher selves. After a year of using them myself I started to be able to guess which card I was going to pull before I pulled it. Not only was I tuned in – it literally caused me to trust myself even more because I proved to myself that that inner voice was accurate. Pendulums are another tool that can give us so much information, it’s something that I am beginning to teach my clients not only feel what’s the next right step but also test the energy as well. (This is a BIG topic, so if it’s of interest I can write an entire future blog about it).

As you can see there are many tools that can help you connect inward and begin learning how to connect with your soul. We are faced with hundreds of decisions everyday and knowing about how to listen will change your soul purpose path and lead you to finding more of your true self.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for taking your time to read this. I’m regularly accepting new clients and getting ready to launch a new program called THE SOUL  PATH PROGRAM.

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