Angelina DeWeese | HEART OVER HEAD (Day 2 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)
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HEART OVER HEAD (Day 2 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)

HEART OVER HEAD (Day 2 – Remembering Your Fierce Heart Series)


In 2018, I was leading a year long Mastermind Group called, The Soul On Fire Mastery Program. Initially I’d planned the mid-year retreat in Costa Rica, but as I set out to firm up the plans, something did feel right quite right.

Thankfully my husband Jeremy loves to research and began to send pictures of retreat centers and AIRBNB’s from around the US and abroad that could hold 10-12 people.

It had been about a week. Jeremy was sure we’d either end up in Lisbon or The StarHouse in Boulder, CO.

I had just started to deepen my own meditation practice and was focused on learning how to bring my energy down into my heart to see how it would FEEL, instead of “thinking” about logistics.

Both spots did not feel right.

A couple days later out of nowhere Jeremy sent me pictures of Bali. My heart jumped out of m

y chest. Yes that’s it! It make me excited, delighted, and I felt the soul yes!

But then, the mind started to creep in….

“Am I insane! How can I ask the participants travel 24-38 hours just for a 3 day retreat?”

My head was freaking out as it would have been much more logical, safer, and cheaper to go to Boulder.

On our next group call I shared my heart and my vision with everyone. Why I thought Bali would be the best place to gather. 100% of them voted YES and so we went.

I am so glad that I listened to heart over head. That trip changed me and each and every participant for life!


One night I planned for us to attend a new moon gathering at a Hindu Temple. It was a gorgeous clear night. A young Balinese man was giving us a tour of the temple leading us through various ceremonial acts to prepare for entering the main temple for the ceremony.

We entered a small cave-like room that held two gorgeous life size statues. One of Kuan Yin and one of Ganesha.

Looking over at Ganesh, he explained,

“When looking at Hindu statues of Ganesh

you’ll usually see a rat near his feet. The Rat symbolizes our mind. Inhinduism we believe that it’s important to keep the mind below the heart. The rat seeks the cheese and is focused on survival. We must take care of our survival, however this statue is a reminder for us to honor the heart above the mind.”

It was a moment I’ll never forget. It made so much sense, yet it was counter to the way I’d lived most of my life.

The lesson in all of this – know the difference between the head and the heart.

Head = Survival, Rational, Logic

Heart = Excitement, Joy, Passion, Feeling Center

In order to lead with a fierce heart, you have to know the difference. Tomorrow I’ll share more about how to slow down long enough to hear/feel your heart.

* Did you also know that the field of the heart is 10,000x greater than the field of the mind? Yep.

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