Angelina DeWeese | GET YOUR A$$ IN ALIGNMENT
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**This may be one of the most important emails that I send all year. Please do yourself a favor and take a moment to read.

This week alone I’ve heard from a handful of people who have said things like,
 “I feel lost. I’m just not sure what to do next. I feel like I’m in a sort of in-between place. I’m so frustrated with myself (my finances, my health, my lack of action in my business and lack of clarity etc).”

I know you’ve felt it… something big is shifting. The world is changing. You are changing. More specifically the collective human consciousness is changing and evolving. 

We are entering into a new paradigm and yet, we have not yet fully arrived to the new one. We are smack dab in the in-between. 

As our planets collective consciousness upgrades. We each are upgrading — our thoughts, our beliefs, and our desire to live in greater alignment with our deepest values. 

It’s absolutely imperative that you understand that ANY area in your life right now that is feeling hard is an area that is calling out to be up-leveled (your consciousness, beliefs, and habits) SO that you align your outer world to your inner world. 

It’s as if the universe is screaming, “If you want more (money, clients, customers, teammates, time, love, peace, energy, clarity) then you Must Get Your A$$ Into Even Greater Alignment!”


Yep, I said it. We are in a big ole’ upgrade and quite honestly most people don’t even really know it’s happening, they just feel the effects of it. 

A couple weeks ago I was doing some quarter 2 life + biz planning and I was feeling frustrated that two of what felt like the most important goals of my quarter 1 were still not done.
On the top of my Q1 planner (Jan-March) I jotted down my mantra, “Complete Incompletions  – Get into Alignment” ). I got so much complete and into alignment however there were two things that were still starring me in the face at the end of March.

1. I did not do my planned cleanse for myself and my doTERRA team
​​​​​​​2. I did not finish the 3 years of uncompleted taxes that was weighing heavy on my heart
I scooted my cleanse start date about three times across my calendar to new dates, but I I never did start. I ate excessive amounts of sugar on my scheduled start days like a rebelious child. I also set a goal of starting a running program and that never happened.

I set dates to work on the taxes, I did hold to most of them, but felt I only got inches closer to completion. It truly frustrated me when we filed for an extension for 2018 – that meant we were now 4 years behind. (insert hopeless tears)

As I was sitting with my Q2 planning I decided to go sit outside to close my eyes in the sunshine. I’d hoped that I would gain the wisdom to understand why these 2 very important goals were proving to be so hard for me.

I’d been sharing with my close friends that over the last few months, I’ve felt that I’m in a sort of in-between and I did not know why. I see my future self so clearly and yet I feel like I’m sitting in a pile of shit so to speak. And then it hit me, “it’s because we are all being upgraded” and practically forced to handle the areas of our lives that need to upgrade right along with us.

We’ve been doing the work to get into greater alignment and yet the work that’s still to be done is to DO THE WORK IN OUR ACTUALLY LIVES. Day-by-day. To begin climbing up the next mountain towards our greatest aligned vision.

Here’s what I realized — the crunch that so many of us are feeling, the confusion, the frustration is because the vision we see of our future selves feels so far away (the debt paid off, the health restored, the new business growth over, the year’s worth of savings in the bank).

It’s hard to admit when something important to us is even slightly out of alignment with our highest values.​​​​​​​
It’s now time to do the hardest work. 

As leaders, if we don’t get into alignment we won’t be able to handle all the goodness and responsibilities that are coming for you. 

Let me say it in another way. GET YOUR A$$ into Alignment –  it’s what’s required of this upgrade. If you want to truly lead and TRUST yourself to lead, to be given more – you must be worthy of more.

What I saw for myself is that the woman I see 2-5 years from now is even more energetically expansive, strong, healthy than who I am right now.

She’s not going to be able to get by with my so-so eating habits and little cardio. She’s also not going to feel empowered to call in more abundance when her there’s a big grey cloud over her head in back taxes.
My current job is to keep moving forward as well as getting the foundation into alignment.

Let’s do a scan of  your life foundations so that you can tell yourself the truth.
It’s a great idea to take some time to journal about these topics..see what comes up. 

​​​​​​​Your Health:
-How are you eating? Do you have energy? Do you exercise? Get yearly bloodwork? Are you drinking too much alcohol? Do you spend time outside? Do you feel strong? Do you have a nagging intuition of something you need/want to do for yourself that you keep avoiding?

When it comes to heath many are seeing that they’ve spent more time taking care of others, focused on their external gains and have taken care of themselves last. When health declines there’s not as much energy for the things that you value like growing your business or inspiring others.

Y​​​​​​​our Money:
 Do you need to let go of certain ideas of what you should have? Are your business finances in order + organized? Do you know how much you are making, working, and spending to make that? Do you have giant debts? Are there things you could let go of in order to reduce the expenses? Are there things you need to say NO or YES to at this moment? Do you need to learn more about money? Hire a book keeper? Finish those taxes? Do you need to get creative (sell things, create new ways of creating income)? Do you need to create new systems for bringing in money? Get more serious about caring for your $$ dreams?

When it comes to money, many are seeing that they are living outside of their values, in debt, not paying attention to it. Gone are the days of “slick” transactions – in this new paradigm people are discerning and concerned more about the greater impact.

I can see for myself that I while my money mindset is great, and I personally have pretty solid money practices – I’ve been overspending and leaving my husband out to dry. I’ve been taking care of my own finances and leaving my husband to take care of his own. I’ve not been willing to be responsible for his business finances and so getting into alignment means getting into full partnership and clearing some old beliefs that it’s safer to keep money separate  – to stay independent. That’s a way old story, but my actions have still been stuck in it. Time for an upgrade 🙂 I’ve since found someone to help me and will have all the taxes completed within the next 2 weeks!

Your Career:
Have you stopped taking actions? Are you wanting to find ways to make money that are in alignment with your new beliefs but aren’t quite sure what that looks like? Are you finding that your lack of energy (health) is impacting your biz success? Are you finding that your money stress is impacting your biz success? Are you ready to share more of your full self with your community but feel scared? Do you know you want to reach out more personally, but still reply on the safety of text or the illusive promise that your social media will grow your enrollments ? Are you listening to your inner guidance and calling those people that you keep thinking about?

Your Relationships:
Are facing challenges in your relationships? Considering they might be over, but you are unsure? Can you explore your judgements, blame, shame, upset at others and shift it into love for yourself and the other? Can you bring love and compassion to every interaction that you face? Are you willing to let go of what’s no longer in alignment?

Your Home: 
Are you in need of working to make your home your scared space? Removing items that tie you to the past? Taking care of home projects? Moving to another location?

Your Personal Character & Leadership:
Ultimately all of these areas lead to our character – integrity, authenticity, compassion, and feelings of wholeness. If you are lacking in trusting yourself, placing blame judgement or guilt on yourself — choose instead to be in action around getting your a$$ into alignment. Use the energy to restore your power. Chunk down the big tasks and do a little each week until it’s done.

+I had a strong vision the other day — We grow in our leadership when keep our home, family, health, finances, and relationships at the heart of it all.  If we want our leadership to grow  it starts with us.  It’s time to take the bull by the horns and do this important work!