Angelina DeWeese | DON’T BE AFRAID
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Dear Beloved,

Don’t be afraid.

Yes, the world is changing—transforming actually.

This is what deep transformation looks and feels like.

You’ve cleaned house before.

It’s messy, dirty, ugly, and chaotic before it’s clean.

This is not the end of anything.

Everything is transitory.

It is time for you to—

Stand in your knowing.

Honor those embers of desire.

Being willing to be the only one who will…

Denounce blame and give anger a time out for something more original to come forward.

Stop embracing fear when willing is your Lover.



yourself to be held, supported in realms beyond the here and now.

Where angels sit and tell great stories, sip red wine, and laugh with the indulgence freedom sponsors for those who will…


And Faith—

Faith can hold the hands of fear if you allow it. Faith has compassion for fear, yet it will not tolerate its whining and denial of your essence. She understands fear without needing to support its expansion.

She is the mother of that which will come.


You will change, too. Transform, if you’re willing.

They’re different you know; like Creation itself and what we humans create.

They are conductors, for sure. One works at the human level, the other is birthed and lives in the realm of the Cosmic Divine.

So, hold on to Faith.

I’d go for the full embrace if I were you.


Faith is an elder. She’s been around from the beginning.

She’s good with us youngin’s.

She teaches through story, with truth and beauty.

Don’t undermine her—she’s not one to be messed with.

She’s fierce. She’s had to be; she’s embracing the world and all her inhabitants.

She illumines.

A little secret that is not so much a secret.

You are the embodiment of everything she is.




Wisdom in the making,


True to herself

A mess, (ahh yes) and…

Created for the long haul.

So hold on—hold on to her tightly.

She has much to share with you.

Lean in close as she is prone to whispers.

Once in her fold you’ll be invited to the best parties.

Where your people are waiting to welcome you.

Because tomorrow is on the rise, and you will be called to fashion the
brave new world from the realm of faith.

Together, we got this.


Love, love, love,
The Divine Within
. . . . . .

This was sent today from Danielle Laporte in her amazing Letters for Renewal series.

This piece above was written by Melanie DewBerry. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor Coach, and Author. She offers no simple solutions. No five steps to anything. There is real spiritual work to do, and it can be joyous and hard—and it will always be real, with real results. She believes life here is a precious gift to expand and enjoy.

Meet Melanie: