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Dancing for Clarity from Angelina Deweese on Vimeo.

Can you guess what song I’m dancing to? I’ll send a first person to guess correctly!
A few years ago you’d never catch me dancing on a “work” day, much less sharing it online.
I was head down tending to move all my projects forward, doing income producing tasks first, but over that last couple of years I’ve been breaking down that old pattern.
Don’t get me wrong I like to get stuff done, hitting massive goals, and grow my life and business every single day…

But not at the EXPENSE of my spirit, joy, and my life force.
What I’ve come to realize is that our spirit, our life force, our chi, feminine power —- whatever you call it. It’s a spark that not only can be felt, but it allows our dreams and goals to meet us without as much force and sacrifice.
You may think I’m at a certain point in my career so that have time to focus on joy, but that’s not it. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 12 years but it still gets hard and scary for me. Now when it gets scary I focus on staying connected to my joy instead of acting out of fear.

I have 2 kids, have 2 businesses that I am growing, and someday’s I have to show up and take care of things even when I’d rather take a nap. I’m not saying don’t show up in your life.

I’m saying that if when you do have a little space and you don’t take it (like I used to) then ask the question why am I working so dang hard? Could it be FEAR? For some it’s excitement and their work is so exciting that they don’t want a break and that’s fantastic!

I’m at a place right now in my life and career when I don’t have the clarity or the biz plan that I desire, so I could put my head down and force an outcome (like I’ve done in the past) OR I can give life, energy, joy to myself each day so that I am acting in the highest path and not merely survival.

I choose to believe that when we are living in our joy and working hard that things happen faster and with more ease than just focusing out of fear.

I trust myself.
I trust the path will unfold.
I am following joy to find my way.
Even when the circumstances don’t reflect that it’s the safe choice.
I work and I play.

Dancing everyday helps me to stay connected to my body, release built up emotions, and to increase my joyful vibe. It’s pretty addicting. Now onto creating some videos today!

BTW: I’ve not ever posted a full video of myself dancing. I used to think I was a terrible dancer and then I thought it was stupid to share publicity, but today I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks. I love people, but I know what makes me feel good so if this seems silly to you or boastful or a cry for attention – good for you not my jam. I’m about empowering others and myself.