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When I first started coaching I just wanted to help others. I never realized when I took on the journey of being a full time coach and entrepreneur that it was going to take such courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to ALWAYS upgrade my beliefs.

I made a list of the beliefs that I hold for myself and my clients.

I really want to know which belief (if you were to believe it and embody it) do you feel would change your life and business?


1. I TRUST MYSELF – this makes others feel safe and in turn more people want to connect with them in their life and business. This all allows for relationships to deepen to themselves and others.

2. I FEEL CONFIDENT COMMUNICATING – how else would you shift your world, but to communicate more clearly. They feel confident that they can communicate through anything that comes up in their lives. They are clear about their boundaries and know how to communicate them with love, which causes others to feel safe around them.

3. I KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT BRINGS ME JOY – knowing one’s desires is the guiding post to feeling creatively alive and energized. When you honor your own self-care and know what fills you up you have more to give and not only that your energetic vibe is so high that others notice your light. You are intoxicating and attracting goodness into your life is easy. The more JOY you have the more you attract!

4. MY VOICE MATTERS – which means that they know they matter. They are confident that even when it feels like someone else is saying it better there is one person who needs to hear what they believe, think, and stand for. They feel ENOUGH! IMPERFECT, and ready.

5. I AM CONNECTED TO THE CYCLE OF NATURE + TRUST GOD/THE UNIVERSE – Our journey is not linear, things do not go in a straight line, there are twists and turns, different seasons, and different energy cycles helping us along. When you are in tune with more than your own mind, you will allow for more grace, more miracles, and know that you are not alone in your dreams. They are able to release control.

6. I FEEL POWERFUL WITH MONEY + RECEIVING HELP – one huge aspect of success is being able to RECEIVE. If one is not able to receive support, help, money, compliments it will be VERY hard to receive ABUNDANCE. Our relationship to money runs deep and is closely related to how safe we feel. Once you feel powerful with money you can contribute in countless ways and show others it’s possible.

7. I AM HEALTHY + VIBRANT + ENERGIZED – You can not attract AMAZING results to you unless you are healthy vibrant and your energy field is clear and large. Energetic health is very important thing. We attract what vibes + beliefs we put out into the world and must learn to practice how to care for our mind, body, and energy field. This does not mean hard things will not happen to you. It just means that when they do happen you will learn the lesson easier.

8. I AM SAFE BEING AUTHENTIC + VULNERABLE – So many leaders are afraid of falling apart, needing help, or worse sharing their faults with others for lack of seeming weak. It’s important that leaders are able to be vulnerable and have people in their lives who model that for them.

9. I AM SAFE TO BE ME + CONNECTED TO A LOVING COMMUNITY – There is no greater healing that being seen and witnessed by a community and loved unconditionally. Like minded community is the lifeline to any powerful leader doing good in the world. Feeling safe evokes a deep connection with one’s creativity and inner wisdom. Once a leader feels truly safe they will feel safe being visible on a larger scale and bringing their voice to more people.

10. I AM DEEPLY CREATIVE + IN ALIGNMENT WITH MY GREATER PURPOSE – There is a well of unique creativity available to everyone. In order to tap into this creativity one has to learn to surrender, feel safe, connect inward, and the deep well of creativity comes bursting through impacting their work, career, results, and impact.

11. I CLAIM THE BALANCE BETWEEN MY FEMININE AND MASCULINE STRENGTHS — All of the people that I work with are already very connected to their masculine, the “get shit done” side. This side of them is so important and yet without connecting to their intuition, surrender, creativity, and pleasure they are limited by what they can build with their own hands. Once these two energies are merged the possibilities are endless and results in their life + business happen with WAY more ease + enjoyment.

12. I BELIEVE IN AND WELCOME MIRACLES – Most people only use .1% of their brain’s power, but when one becomes comfortable with receiving, desiring, surrender, and co-creation with the divine MIRACLES are possible. In order to accept miracles, you’d have to let go of the perceived control and tap into the .99% of possibilities that are available to you. This requires practice and letting go of who you think you are and what you think is possible for you. What’s possible for you is BEYOND your wildest dreams!