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I’ll admit even though I’ve been coaching some of the top leaders in Network Marketing for the past 2.5 years there was something holding me back from being a hell yes to network marketing myself.

I love network marketing when it’s is done with integrity and I believe it’s a great biz model especially for products that would not sell themselves on the shelf because people need education on why to buy them.

I learned about doTERRA and see that it’s full of integrity. I love the products, the culture, the comp plan, the owners and I witnessed SO many people having real lasting financial freedom living their life on their terms. (And when I say financial freedom I mean that they are making way more than I’ve ever deposited into my bank account in 1 month ($40,000-150K a month).

Even though I saw these results – I’ve been dabbling in the business making enough to pay for my oils (score!). I’d share with anyone who would ask, I’d train people on how to be more effective at mentoring their teams, I even had a few team calls with people who joined my personal team. I’d keep up with all the products and buy them all. ??

I kept saying that I was going to start building my doterra biz when my other coaching business slowed down, but that never happened. All the signs where there that it was a fit for me…

?‍♀️I had lots of people inquiring and wanting to be on my team.

?I had dreams about DoTERRA bottles and sharing oils with random people. (not making this up guys)

?‍⚕️I had a healer tell me that she saw me as a plant priestess/healer anointing people with oils.

?I did a deep sacred ceremony I asked for clarity on my next steps and saw doterra bottles all around me.(really wtf?)


As things in my life and heart have changes I’ve been forced to ask myself the hard questions.

What’s most important to you? ?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

What can you do to create future income and stop trading dollars for hours (I thought I’d gotten pretty good at that, but the truth is when my programs stop the income stops).

How can you be even more invested in the results of your clients?

Is there a way to both empower people to have an abundance of resources as well as those in poverty who need it most?

Is there a way to keep collaborating & put efforts TOGETHER instead of working separately taking care of ourselves only?

Is there another model of business that promotes a WE mentality instead of I?

Can there be a model that supports others more than myself and gives financial rewards to MANY instead of a small few?

How can I stop charging so much for coaching (still make a great living) and stop saying goodbye to clients that I love?

I took weeks and weeks to meditate on these questions and I kept coming back to the amazing company that I’d learned so much about, DoTERRA.

But STILL RESISTANCE – I asked myself the question, “What are you afraid of?”

-I don’t want to be the oil lady. I LOVE so many things.

-I don’t want to risk losing coaching clients. People will think I’m not taking clients which would suck because I love my clients so much.

-I don’t want people to think that I need money and coaching is not going well

-I’m not sure how to give it my all when I also need to focus on other money making tasks (at get go in network marketing you don’t earn as much as I’m used to making when coaching)

I used what I teach and I busted through all of those fears.?

I am committed to helping people live an empowered healthy life. I always have been and I always will be.

➡️ New Route. Same Objective.⬅️

I don’t care what anyone else things. I’m more committed to helping others that I am to looking good.

I will ALWAYS be a badass empowerment COACH no matter what the topic and I’ve always believed that our health so important.

As I’ve followed my soul & desires for the past 12 years I have made it, some years have been harder than others. I don’t do logical. I do what feels most joyful, a hell YES, jump and have faith. I’ve done this many times before and it’s always life changing. And I’m doing it again.

So yes I’m still coaching on business + finding your soul’s purpose, and I’m also going get back to my roots of educating people on holistic health and wellness.

MY INVITATION TO YOU — Spend 30 minutes with me on the phone. I will go over your health goals with you and we will talk about the best solutions for you and your family. You don’t have to buy anything, but if you learn about something that you want, of course I’d be more than happy to help you order.